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Captain Corry “Jeb” Kucik
Force Surgeon
Health Services Support

Jeb Kucik serves as Force Surgeon for the combined Marine Forces Reserve/Marine Forces South (MARFORRES/MARFORSOUTH) Headquarters, New Orleans, LA. As senior medical advisor to the Commanding General, he oversees the readiness of and delivery of healthcare services to over 40,000 drilling Selected Reserve Marines at over 180 Home Training Centers throughout the U.S. through the Reserve Health Readiness Program, Injury Management Program, review of specific cases for admission to the Reserves, and oversight of the Health Services Support offices of all MARFORRES Major Subordinate Commands (4th Marine Division, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, 4th Marine Logistics Group, and Force Headquarters Group). In MARFORSOUTH duties, he collaborates with the U.S. Southern Command Surgeon and partner nation medical leaders on all manner of training and exchange opportunities throughout Latin America and the Caribbean to the betterment of Marine Corps readiness and medical responsiveness. Additionally, he is program manager of the MARFORRES Fleet Marine Force Warfare Officer program, the qualification by which Navy officers (Chaplains, Dentists, Nurses, Medical Planners, Allied Health Professionals, and Physicians) prove their merit to serve with “The Few, The Proud.” Since May 2021, he has also served concurrently as Navy Anesthesiology Specialty Leader (Consultant to the Surgeon General), managing graduate education and career progression needs of over 180 Navy Anesthesiologists.

Jeb graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science degree (with distinction) in Honors English and German, and from the Uniformed Services University School of Medicine in 2001. He requested Family Medicine internship training at Naval Hospital Jacksonville, FL, the largest Family Medicine training program in the Navy, in order to optimally prepare for service as a Flight Surgeon. After Navy Flight Surgeon training, he served from 2003-2005 with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron-251 and Headquarters Squadron, Marine Corps Air Station, Beaufort, SC, deploying to mainland Japan, Okinawa, Thailand, Guam, and the Republic of Korea. He then returned to clinical training, completing the National Capital Consortium Anesthesiology Residency, Bethesda, MD, serving as Chief Resident and Housestaff Senate President at the National Naval Medical Center, where he was also selected as Junior Officer of the Year, the first physician to gain that distinction in over a decade. He then completed the Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital Surgical Critical Care Fellowship, simultaneously supporting the Department of Health and Human Services’ Massachusetts-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team. Throughout these formative years, he also provided volunteer medical and operational support to several Marine Reserve, Army Reserve, and National Guard units.

From 2009-2012, he was an Instructor at the Navy Trauma Training Center, Los Angeles, CA; an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California’s (USC) Keck School of Medicine; and a Truman National Security Fellow. Splitting time between Navy and USC teaching duties, he became the first Navy faculty member to receive a USC “Excellence in Clinical Instruction” award. Selected by a Surgeon General-led team for a new “futurist” role, he served from 2012-2015 at Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), Falls Church, VA, in the M5 (Strategy and Innovations) Directorate as Head, Healthcare Net Assessments, Future Healthcare Innovations; as Co-Director of the Surgeon General Assessment Cell (SGAC), the “Think Tank of Navy Medicine”; as Goal Group Lead for the Surgeon General’s Jointness Strategic Goal; as Requirements Department Head, Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate; as a U.S. Naval Institute Leadership Fellow; and as the sole Medical Representative to the Chief of Naval Operations’ Rapid Innovation Cell. During this tour, he deployed as Senior Intensivist, Command Managed Equal Opportunity Officer, and Medical Intelligence Officer at the NATO Role 3 Multinational Medical Unit, Kandahar, Afghanistan.

From 2015-2018, he served at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, CA in several roles, including Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Medical Director; Staff Anesthesiologist; Research Director; Quality/Safety Physician Advisor; Integrated Patient Safety/Continuous Improvement Chair; Quality Management Department Head; Acting Director of Surgical Services; Chair, Medical Executive Committee; and Chief Medical Officer (CMO). He was selected in 2018 as the first “Milestone” (Navy-wide board selection) CMO of Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command (NMRTC) Oak Harbor, Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, WA. At only 6 weeks on the job, he saw that organization through its highly successful triennial Joint Commission survey. During COVID-19 personnel shortages, he served for five months as both CMO and Interim Executive Officer (COO) simultaneously. As the only Critical Care physician on Whidbey Island, he advanced civil-military partnership through both clinical and advisory work with WhidbeyHealth Medical Center, the island’s only inpatient facility, as well as with the Island County Board of Health, directly contributing to the community’s impressive success in managing COVID-19 in comparison to other areas of Washington State. During this time, he also served as a member of Washington State’s COVID-19 Critical Care Collaborative, sharing clinical lessons learned for the betterment of all patients. While in this tour, he also served as a Seattle World Affairs Council Fellow and a U.S. Department of State grant reviewer for the Young Transatlantic Innovators Leadership Initiative.

Pulled 8 months early from Oak Harbor due to Congressional concerns over COVID-19, CAPT Kucik served from 2020-2022 as the first CMO, U.S. Naval Station Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, a post created by the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA 2020, Public Law 116-92) requiring Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information clearance. Selected by and reporting directly to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, he served as the only non-anonymized medical officer involved in Detainee care, guiding the provision of medical, surgical, and mental health care for all Detainees; assessing detention operations of the 1300+ member Joint Task Force-Guantánamo (JTF-G); leading strategic working groups within the Office of the Secretary of Defense; evaluating Detainees being considered for transfer; providing oversight of/participation in repatriation missions; serving as liaison with International Committee of the Red Cross delegates; participating in a host of Congressional and interagency delegations; providing advice to U.S. Naval Station Guantánamo Bay leadership on COVID-19 clinical and preventive measures; testifying before the Office of Military Commissions (OMC); and submitting an NDAA 2022-mandated Report to Congress focused on quality of Detainee care, strategic planning, and assessments of JTF-G/U.S. Southern Command responsiveness to his requests for information and medical recommendations. His work contributed to 4 of 40 remaining Detainees being transferred and the majority of those remaining being moved to the “approved for transfer” list. His testimony regarding surgical care contributed markedly to the first plea deal amongst the 10 Detainees before the OMC. Having left Guantánamo briefly to maintain clinical skills through off-duty ICU employment, he was fortunate to have been on call at Waukesha Memorial Hospital and able to lead a roving triage team when that facility responded to Waukesha’s 2021 Christmas Parade attack.

CAPT Kucik is board certified in Anesthesiology, Critical Care Medicine, and Undersea/Hyperbaric Medicine; is an anesthesiology Board Examiner; is a Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians (FCCP), the American College of Critical Care Medicine (FCCM), and the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE); and is a member of The Academy of Anesthesiology, a by-invitation society of 70 top national leaders in anesthesia. He is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ), a NATO Medical Evaluator able to advise multinational medical units on quality and procedural improvements in preparation for deployment, and is the only Navy doctor qualified as a Certified Joint Commission Professional (CJCP). He completed Marine Corps Amphibious (now Expeditionary) Warfare School, Air Force Squadron Officer School, and Joint Professional Military Education at both the Naval and Marine Corps Command and Staff Colleges, having been recognized by the former as the youngest and most junior graduate in that institution’s history. He holds a Master of Arts in International Relations (emphasis in Middle Eastern Affairs) from American Military University, a Leadership and Management Certificate from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, the Diploma in the Medical Care of Catastrophes from the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London, and an executive education certificate in Crisis Management from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. A Navy Global Health Engagement professional, he has experience in medical diplomacy, humanitarian assistance, and disaster response.

CAPT Kucik has successively served as Secretary, Director, Vice President, and President-Elect of the Uniformed Services Society of Anesthesiologists, ensuring military representation and translation of battlefield lessons learned to civilian anesthesia practice through service on the board of the 58,000-member American Society of Anesthesiologists. He has continued to serve as a Lead for the SGAC; as a member or lead of the Surgeon General’s Jointness, Readiness, and Partnership Strategic Goal Groups; as Operations and Governance Lead for Navy Medicine’s Trauma Strategy Management Office; and as a guest lecturer for the BUMED Quality and Safety Leadership Academy. Having held faculty appointments at five academic institutions, he has lectured extensively at regional, national, and international meetings, and has attained the academic rank of Associate Professor. In addition to 50 publications and over 140 formal presentations, he co-edited Essentials of Disaster Anesthesia, 1st ed., published in 2020 by Cambridge University Press.

He is qualified as a Naval Flight Surgeon (Honor Graduate), Army Flight Surgeon, Submariner, Diver/Undersea Medical Officer, Parachute Jumpmaster (Honor Graduate), and Fleet Marine Force Warfare Officer, and has served as a designated Career Counselor in five commands. He is a recipient of the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States “Rising Star” Award, the U.S. Army Order of Military Medical Merit, the Most Venerable Order of Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, and the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute’s “Fox Flag” Award (given to the top graduate of the Naval Flight Surgeon Course), and was personally commended by the U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan for his interagency work, specifically supporting State Department and Drug Enforcement Agency operations. His military awards include the Defense Superior Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal (3 awards), Navy Commendation Medal (6 awards), Army Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal (3 awards), and Public Health Service Achievement Medal.