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Inspector-Instructor First Sergeant, Delta Battery, 2nd Battalion, 14th Marine Regiment First Sergeant Francisco Galvan

First Sergeant Francisco Galvan was born on September 4th, 1978. He is the second son of five children.  Upon graduation from Port Isabel High School on May 24, 1997 at the age of 18 he was recruited out of Brownsville, Texas.  After graduating boot camp at MCRD San Diego and completing Marine Combat Training (MCT) Private Galvan reported to MOS “A” school.  At “A” school he learned the basics of being an Airframe Mechanic on the CH-53D/E Super Stallion aircraft (6153).  After completion of his MOS “A” school in Pensacola, FL. Private First Class Galvan then reported to NATTC New River, NC for his MOS “C” school.

Upon graduation of “C” school in June of 1998, Private First Class Galvan had orders to report to HMH 463 in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.  As an airframe mechanic Private First Class Galvan deployed in support of Combined Arms Exercises in 29 Palms, CA (CAX) and Weapons and Tactics Instruction (WTI) in Yuma, AZ.  Private First Class Galvan was promoted to Lance Corporal on March 1, 1999.  Upon return to Hawaii Lance Corporal Galvan supported training exercises on the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) Kauai,HI the Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) on the “Big Island” of Hawaii and was promoted on November 1, 1999 to Corporal.  In February 2000 Corporal Galvan deployed to Mombasa, Kenya in support of Natural Fire 2000.  On October 1, 2000 Corporal Galvan was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.        In June, 2001 Sergeant Galvan reported to HMH-361 Miramar, California. Sergeant Galvan checked into HMH-361 on Miramar.  While at HMH-361 Sgt Galvan deployed to Oman, Pakistan in May of 2002 to help recover aircraft coming off the 31st MEU.  In January 2003 Sergeant Galvan volunteered to transfer squadrons and deploy with HMH-462 in support of OEF/OIF.  From 2 Feb, 2003 to 5 Aug, 2003 Sgt Galvan served as an Airframe CDI and desk Sergeant.  Upon return to CONUS Sgt Galvan was selected to the next rank and on March 1,2004 he was promoted to Staff Sergeant.

On 15 October 2004 Staff Sergeant Galvan deployed in support of OEF 2-1 and returned on 28 March 2005. Staff Sergeant Galvan would deploy next on the 31st MEU out of Okinawa, Japan. SSgt Galvan would serve as the Maintenance Control SNCOIC from 14 July 2006 to 8 February 2007. Staff Sergeant Galvan would re-enlist in October 2007 and deploy one last time with HMH-462 serving as the Phase SNCOIC. On 29 March 2008 to 31 October 2008 Staff Sergeant Galvan would deploy in support of OIF National Resolution.         In April 2009 Staff Sergeant Galvan would leave HMH-462 and check in to Drill Instructor School at MCRD San Diego. After graduating Drill Instructor School, Staff Sergeant Galvan checked in to First Battalion Alpha Company as a new Drill Instructor. Upon completing his second full cycle Staff Sergeant Galvan went on quota to Instructional Training Company and served as the Company Gunnery Sergeant and acting First Sergeant. Staff Sergeant Galvan was promoted to his current rank on August 1, 2010. Gunnery Sergeant Galvan came back to Alpha Company after six months on quota. Upon checking back in to Alpha company he served as a Drill Instructor, Experienced Drill Instructor, Senior Drill Instructor and Chief Drill Instructor. His last cycle on the depot he served as Chief Drill Instructor and acting First Sergeant with Alpha Company.

Upon completion of a successful tour as a Drill Instructor, GySgt Galvan departed MCRD San Diego and returned to Miramar. On January 2, 2013 GySgt Galvan checked in to HMH-462 once again to start his second tour with the Screw Crew. During his time with HMH-462 Gunnery Sergeant Galvan served as the Airframes Division Chief and deployed in August 2013 with HMH-462 to Afghanistan in support of OEF 13.2 and 14.1 Transition I.

On January 13th 2015, Gunnery Sergeant Galvan checked in to HMH-461 to serve as the Division Chief for the Airframes section. Gunnery Sergeant Galvan transferred to MAG-29 Head Quarters in January of 2016 where he served as the MAG-29 PSD 1stSgt for calendar year 2016. Gunnery Sergeant Galvan re-enlisted for two years while assigned to MAG-29 HQ and returned to HMH-461 to serve as the Airframes Division Chief until being selected for promotion to the rank of First Sergeant.

Upon promotion to First Sergeant on 1 February 2018, First Sergeant Galvan was assigned to 2D Battalion 14th Marines Battery D and is currently serving as the Inspector-Instructor First Sergeant.

First Sergeant Galvan’ personal awards include the Good Conduct Medal, with 1 silver star in lieu of sixth award, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with gold star in lieu of second award and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with gold star in lieu of second award.