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2000 Opelousas Ave., New Orleans, LA 70114
Commanding Officer, Headquarters and Service Company, 2nd Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment Captain David A. Mabon

David A. Mabon enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve in 1999, serving as a Field Artillery Cannon Crewman from 2000 to 2006 with C Battery 1st Bn, 14th Marines, in Waterloo, IA. While serving in the reserves he completed his BBA degrees in Economics and Finance from the University of Iowa in 2005.

As a Sergeant, he was activated in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005 where he served as provisional infantry and was responsible for providing base security for Camp Fallujah, Iraq.

David was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in February 2007. Following completion of The Basic School and Infantry Officer’s Course he reported to Echo Company 2d Bn, 24th Marines, in Des Moines, IA. As a Platoon Commander he participated in the planning process and execution of Company level operations. He participated in support of multiple international theater security operations including UNITAS Gold 2009, and Partnership of the Americas in Peru in 2010. Responsibilities included acting as a Company Commander for a multinational infantry company consisting of Peruvian, Brazilian, and US Marines.

He was promoted to Captain in 2011. In February 2013 he assumed command of Fox Company, 2d Bn 24th Marines, and graduated from Expeditionary Warfare School in May 2013. He led Fox Company through Integrated Training Exercise 2013 and training at Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center, Bridgeport, CA in 2014. Additionally in 2014, he deployed to the United Kingdom for Commando Phoenix, a bi-lateral training event with the British Royal Marine Reserves focusing on MOUT and small unit tactics.

In January 2015 he was reassigned as Company Commander, Headquarters & Service Company 2/24 where he supervised preparations for and support of Korean Marine Exchange Program (KMEP) 15-8, and ITX in 2017, when he was promoted to Major.

In the civilian world, he is a Sr. Treasury Analyst an industry leader in avionics and communications technology.