Captain Lance C. Carr

Captain Carr enlisted into the Marines Corps Reserve in June 2005. After completing recruit training, he attended Marine Combat Training and the Field Radio Operators Course. In December 2005, he reported to Battery P, 5th Battalion, 14th Marines. In September 2006, He was attached to 3rd Battalion, 14th Marines and deployed to Al Anbar Province, Iraq. As a Sergeant, he graduated from the University of Idaho in December 2011. In April of 2012 he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant through the Platoon Leaders Course. After completion of The Basic School and Field Artillery Basic Officer Leaders Course he reported to 3rd Battalion, 11th Marines, in May 2014 for duty as a Fire Support Officer. In September 2014, Captain Carr attached to 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, and deployed with the Battalion as a part of Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force Central Command (SPMAGTC-CC). Captain Carr left active duty in January 2016 and transitioned directly to the Marine Corps Reserve and reported to Battery P, 5th Battalion, 14th Marines and served as the Fire Support Officer, Battery Executive Officer, and Battery Commander. On August 2019 Captain Carr became the S4, Battalion Logistics Officer, for 5th Battalion, 14th Marines. On October 2021 He took command of Headquarters Battery, 5th Battalion, 14th Marines.