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Super Squad Competition


4th Marine Division conducts an Annual Rifle Squad Competition (ARSC) to foster the warrior spirit through intense competition and determine the top rifle squad within 4th Marine Division for 2017. The competition cadre will consist of SNCO’s and NCO’s within MARFORRES and logistical support from Force Headquarters Group and the host battalion. The competition is designed to evaluate a 14-man infantry squad throughout an extensive field and live-fire evolution. 4th Marine Division conducts the ARSC aboard Fort Richardson, Alaska in order to determine the top rifle squad in the Division.  The 2017 ARSC is open only to each of the 4th Marine Division infantry regiments. This year the Commanding General granted that each infantry regiment will provide their top two rifle squads to compete in offensive operations, defensive operations, patrolling techniques, combat marksmanship, physical endurance, and overall small unit leadership. Each event will be evaluated and scored with results and leaders board tracked throughout the event. At the conclusion of the competition each squad will participate in the closing ceremony where the Division Commanding General will recognize the top squad in the Division and award them with the “Super Squad” medal. 





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Photo Gallery
4th Marine Division Communication Marines conduct joint MEDEVAC training with Indiana National Guard
Lance Corporal Osighe Akpeokhai communicates with MEDEVAC pilots during a simulated real-world scenario of the evacuation of a wounded Marine. U.S. Marines with Detachment, Communications Company, 14th Marines, 4th Marine Division executed joint MEDEVAC training with Company C, 2-238th General Support Aviation Battalion, Indiana National Guard on 12 August 2023 at DetComm’s Home Training Center in Indianapolis. The joint training improved interservice readiness and facilitated improving and refining military occupational specialty skills in simulated real-world scenarios. The Marines received instruction from the MEDEVAC aircrew on ground-to-air best practices, landing zone preparation and procedures, and MED 101. The training culminated with simulated real-world scenarios of the evacuation of wounded servicemembers. (U.S. Marine Corps photos taken by Sergeant Mallory Harrison)

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