Reserve Counterpart Training

3 Mar 2017 | 2nd Lt. Stephanie Leguizamon Marine Corps Forces Reserves

The Reserve Counterpart Training Program provides Marines in the Individual Ready Reserve with opportunities to maintain or upgrade their MOS proficiency and participate in other training such as the Physical Fitness Test, Combat Fitness Test or Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.  Through the RCT program Marines also earn Career Retirement Credit Report points. 

The program also allows IRR Marines the opportunity to volunteer annually for assignments to Active Duty for Training at designated Marine Corps Active Component commands or for Annual Training with the Selected Marine Corps Reserve or Individual Mobilization Augmentee units.  For example, an IRR Marine could attend Corporals Course or complete Water Survival Training on RCT orders.

Marines assigned to Active Duty Training on RCT orders can also serve as augmentees to various exercises when participation improves the Marines’ readiness.  For units, the RCT Program provides IRR Marines to fill shortfalls in Active and Reserve Component forces.  A unit could request local Marines on RCT orders, for example, to fill personnel shortfalls during an Integrated Training Exercise.

IRR Marines in the grades Lance Corporal through Gunnery Sergeant, Warrant Officer through Chief Warrant Officer-3 and Second Lieutenant through Major are eligible for the RCT program.  Assignments to RCT will normally be two weeks but can last up to 28 days. 

Marine Corps Individual Reserve Support Activity funds, approves and authenticates RCT orders for qualified IRR Marines.  Interested Marines should contact MCIRSA at 800-255-5082 or

Units interested in bringing an IRR Marine on RCT orders should check with their local prior service recruiter or MCIRSA to locate Marines in the area.  When possible, requesting units should utilize local IRR Marines to exercise the maximum level of fiscal responsibility.  Units can request and generate RCT orders via the web-based Marine Reserve Orders Writing System application.  All requests for IRR Marines to fill RCT billets will be forwarded via the chain of command to the director of MCIRSA, using MROWS.  For more information on the RCT program and how to request an IRR Marine review MCO 15010R.39.