Officers interested in transferring from Active Duty to the Reserve Component

26 Jul 2017 | Pvt. Schwoch Marine Corps Forces Reserves

    Marine Administrative Message 369/17 gives guidance for officers interested in transitioning from active duty to the Reserve component.

    Active duty officers interested in transferring must complete their initial eight year contract. Officers can view their end of service date within their Basic Individual Record on Marine Online.

    The Headquarters Marine Corps Manpower and Reserve Affairs Department will submit interested and qualified officers to the Secretary of Defense.

    If an officer separates upon his/her end of active service and desires to transfer to the Reserve component, they must ensure their DD Form-214 indicates their intent.

    An officer must request to resign their active duty commission after completing all active duty obligations. This process requires four months to be completed.

For more information, see MARADMIN 369/17.