IA Pool
Request individual Augmentee assignment to an activating unit.



Marines interested in being considered for future active duty opportunities with an activating unit who submit their name to the pool for future consideration must discuss their intentions with their unit's Chain of Command.


If a billet commensurate with your Primary MOS and Grade become available, you will be solicited accordingly.  Additionally, you may be contacted for Free MOS (FMOS) (8006/8007/8014) billet opportunities as long as you meet the Grade and clearance requirement. 


Note for Non-Obligor Marines (Non-Obs) 

Non-Ob Marines holding BIC assignments under their unit's structure may be placed in an Excess BIC Identifier (EBI) of "...EX009," and thus possibly be identified under a Prior Service Alignment Plan (PSAP) cycle if the commander desires replacement recruiting effort. 


Please discuss your intentions with your unit leadership prior to requesting deployment consideration.