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Communication Strategy and Operations Directorate, Marine Corps Forces Reserve


The mission of the Marine Forces Reserve Communication Strategy and Operations Directorate is to advise commanders and staffs on communication matters; research, develop, integrate, and assess communication plans; communicate with internal, domestic and international audiences; and produce written and visual information products in order to build understanding, credibility, and trust with publics critical to mission success.

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Current Operations

COMMSTRAT COPS provides in-house and task-organized deployable Marines who create professional photographic, videographic, graphical, multimedia products and services in support of administrative, operational, and planning requirements during world crises, contingencies, training exercises, and wartime operations.

Future OperationS

COMMSTRAT FOPS engages with MARFORRES staff to conduct deliberate communication and operational planning to support the Commander's communication and operational initiatives.

Web Services

Web Services maintains the public facing website for MARFORRES. For updates, changes, and maintenance requests, please use the trouble ticket form linked below. We strive to have most tickets completed within 24 hours of submission. Please note only unclassified information may be placed on the MARFORRES website.

Submit Web Services Trouble Ticket


1. Click the link above, and fill out the form entirely.
2. Please make sure to add any attachments required or that you feel will help with processing your issue.
3. If your trouble ticket references a site or page that requires action, please be sure to include the site/page URL in your trouble ticket.
4. Please leave "Assigned to" and "Resolution" fields blank as those are for internal use only.

Photo Studio

Studio Hours:   
0800-1100 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Command Board and Passport photos
You will be contacted via email/phone once your job has been approved or rejected and completed.

Requesting Support

For all COMMSTRAT Production requests, please complete and send the job request form(s) below, and all necessary files, to the COMMSTRAT Production OMB:


For all Community Relation (COMREL) requests, please visit the MARFORRES COMREL page.

Contact Us

2000 Opelousas Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70114

Command Deck
Room: 4E5400

Photo/Video Studios
Room:  2W2300

Current Operations:
OIC: (504) 697-9339
SNOIC: (504) 697-9331

Future Operations: 
OIC: (504) 697-9308
SNCOIC: (504) 697-9316

Media and Community Relations:
(504) 697-9313

Web Services:
(504) 697-9305
(504) 697-9346

Social Media:
(504) 697-9307

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