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U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve

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Critical Shortfalls and hot fills


Thank you for your interest in Active Duty opportunities!

Please read the instructions below in their entirety to ensure proper submission of requests, and timeliness of processing.       ________________________________________________________________________________ 

1.  Active Duty Opportunities:  Upon request MFR Sourcing will provide an up-to-date Global Billets Roster with Point of Contact (POC) information corresponding to each individual billet (see Active Duty Opportunity link below). 

2.  You will automatically be notified once your request is submitted, it is unnecessary to contact MFR Sourcing for confirmation.  

3.  Once you receive the POC Roster forward your RQS (2016 RQS) , Official Photograph, RTN (if available), and Billet Title directly to the POC listed.  Do not forward the documents to MFR Sourcing.  

SMCR/IMA Personnel

SMCR/IMA personnel must receive approval from their Unit Command acknowledging the command's acceptance in allowing the Marine to remain in their SMCR or IMA BIC through the deployment.

If you'd like more information on Inactive Duty Training (IDT)/Drilling SMCR and IMA Billets, click here. 


AR/AcDu Personnel

Active Duty (AD) and Active Reserve (AR) are required to submit an Administrative Action (AA) Form (sample) directed to HQMC (MMIB) requesting to volunteer for the RTN (specific billet).  The AA Form must be endorsed by the Marine’s chain of command.  Use the sample provided when submitting your request to MMIB.


The command must acknowledge that they will NOT be back-filled by DC M&RA during the Marine's deployment.  AR Marines must include DC M&RA (RAM) in the 'VIA' Line of their administrative action form to allow Reserve Affairs an opportunity to review and approve the request.  AR Marines will not receive favorable consideration from DC M&RA (MMIB) without approval from Reserve Affairs.

Active Duty Volunteer Opportunities
Billet advertising (for gaining force commands)
Unit deployments
IA Pool

When a Unit Deployment shortfall is identified, the Sourcing Cell will send E-mail solicitations to personnel who meet the Grade/PMOS/Clearance requirement.  Submit your information and keep your E-mails up-to-date if you wish to be identified as a future sourcing solution.


 Please read the instructions above in its entirety before contacting MARFORRES Sourcing Cell.

MFR Sourcing Cell POC's

Capt Michael S. Miller, Sourcing Cell OIC

GySgt Benjamin R. Evans, Sourcing Cell SNCOIC 

Cpl Gilman A. Rutihinda, Sourcing NCO


G1 Current Operations POC's


Sgt Brendan Ebb, CURRENT OPS NCO


HQMC Boards



For SMCR Marines interested in volunteering for HQMC Boards, complete the Board Questionnaire and Statement of Understanding listed below, and submit via email to the MFR Sourcing OMB (MFR_Sourcing@usmc.mil) for consideration.









Statement of Understanding

              Board Questionnaire




MFR Boards Managers

GySgt Nela A Gomez, HQMC Boards Manager
GySgt Benjamin R. Evans, HQMC Assistant Boards Manager





SAPR Contact