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Saber Strike


Exercise Saber Strike 17 is an annual combined-joint exercise conducted at various locations throughout the Baltic region and Poland. The combined training prepares allies and partners to respond more to regional crises and meet their own security needs by improving the security of borders and countering threats.





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Photo Gallery

Beachmasters Group Two Owns the Beach
Sailors from Beachmasters Group Two and Naval Cargo Handling Battalion One provided mission essential assets to more than 11,000 participants during Exercise Saber Strike 17, June 10, 2017. ...

Saber Strike 17 Successfully Employs MPF Operations
Exercises like Saber Strike 17 develop trust with U.S. Allies and partner nations in Europe. This year, the exercise taking place May 23 - June 24, 2017, demonstrates a full spectrum of military...

Flags Unfurl during Opening Ceremony Saber Strike 17
Allied and partner nations have unfurled their flags for the opening ceremony of Exercise Saber Strike 17 on Adazi Military Base, Latvia, June 3, 2017....

NATO Nations Assert Capabilities
Saber Strike 17 kicks off this year with troops and vehicles coming ashore with tactical landing crafts from Maritime Prepositioning Ships in the Baltic Sea to Ventspils, Latvia, May 23-24, 2017....