Innovative Readiness Training - Louisiana Care


On July 10-24, 2017, the Louisiana Care IRT contingent comprised of National Guard and Reserve assets of the U.S. Armed Forces will deploy to the medically underserved communities of Louisiana to conduct deployment and readiness training for military personnel. Incidental to military readiness training, the Louisiana Care IRT team will provide medical, dental and optometry care to assist local health and municipal authorities in addressing underserved and unmet community health and civic needs. Units will also conduct critical mission training and logistical movement in order to simulate military/civilian humanitarian operations and health care delivery in the time of crisis, conflict or disaster.



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Video by Cpl. Dallas Johnson

B-Roll No Narration/Text: Service Members prepare for Innovative Readiness Training Louisiana Care 17

  • Marine Forces Reserve
  • July 12, 2017 | 1:17

Reservists with 4th Marine Logistics Group and service members with the Air National Guard began setting up for Innovative Readiness Training Louisiana Care 2017. Community members will have the opportunity to receive medical, dental and optometry services starting July 12 and ending July 21.

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