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Task Force 1/25 and Active component aviation assets will participate in Exercise Northern Strike 2017 aboard Michigan’s Camp Grayling Joint Maneuver Training Center. TF 1/25 will be about 1,200 strong and include tanks, amphibious assault vehicles, light armored reconnaissance vehicles, reconnaissance Marines, combat engineers, and artillery attachments from across 4th Marine Division originating from 12 states, along with a United Kingdom Reserve 81mm mortar section.


Key live-fire training events are: platoon attacks (mechanized companies conducting mechanized amphibious raids, air assault company conducts air assault); company (-) (REIN) attack with mechanized integration (tank, AAV, LAR); company (REIN) defense with tank/engineer support (including heavy equipment); and a fire support coordination exercise. During the company (REIN) defense, the battalion’s air assault company will occupy its battle point following an air assault executed in conjunction with live-fire supporting arms. Training will focus on platoon-level collective tasks and prepare the battalion for Integrated Training Exercise 18 and possible OCONUS deployments in 2019.


International Participation includes: United Kingdom, Denmark, Latvia, and Poland



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Photo Gallery

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