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Joint Warrior 18.1


Joint Warrior is a multinational exercise designed and led by the Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff in the United Kingdom, intended to improve interoperability between allied and partner nations. This year 4th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company, Force Headquarters Group, will participate in exercise Joint Warrior 18.1, in Durness, Scotland. Marines of 3rd Brigade, 4th ANGLICO will partner with 148 (Meiktila) Commando, Forward Observation Battery, a specialist Naval Gunfire Support Forward Observation unit within 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines, to meet critical ANGLICO mission essential tasks while partnered with Coalition Forces in a unique and challenging training environment.





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A commentary of my time with 4th ANGLICO at Joint Warrior 18
For the many Marines before us, and without a doubt, those who will follow after, one of the fondest memories of boot camp is that moment in second phase when we were finally given the momentous...

What it takes: 4th ANGLICO learns how to survive in the wilderness
One thing the general public knows, without a doubt, is that Marines are tough. They go in, complete their objective by any means necessary and then get out as quickly as possible to prepare for the...

Hometown Heroes of Joint Warrior 18: Gunnery Sgt. James Sterling
Many Marines, after serving an enlistment or two, make the conscious decision to take the knowledge and skills they learned from the Marine Corps and take them into the civilian workforce. For Gunnery...

What we learned: 4th ANGLICO at Joint Warrior 18
The official purpose of the Marine Corps' six Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Companies is to “provide Marine Air-Ground Task Force commanders a liaison capability with foreign area expertise and to plan,...

Hometown Heroes of Joint Warrior 18: Cpl. David Rodriguez
Few people choose to accept the responsibility of becoming a United States Marine. Even fewer make the commitment to maintaining a civilian career while fulfilling their role as a member of the Marine...

Hometown Heroes of Joint Warrior 18: Sgt. Michael Kozik
What one's family has done in the past frequently has a long standing history for what future generations will often times strive to become. Carrying on his father's legacy of being a career Marine...

4th ANGLICO arrives in Scotland for Joint Warrior 18-1
Reserve Marines with 3rd Brigade platoon, 4th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Team, Force Headquarters Group, are participating in exercise Joint Warrior 18-1, in Durness, Scotland, from April 18-May 2,...