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  • Leads the Inspection Coordination Center (ICC), consisting of representatives from the General and Special Staffs, to standardize inspection synchronization and coordination across the Force.
  • Synchronizes the scheduling of HQMC inspections on Force Units.
  • Provides oversight to MSC Commanding General Inspection Programs.
  • Reviews external reports of inspections, disseminates inspection results, and ensures they are analyzed for possible trends and problem areas.
  • Responsible for reporting Intelligence Oversight and Sensitive Activities.


Inspection Coordination Center (ICC)

The ICC is a MARFORRES governing body to standardize inspection synchronization and coordination across the force in order to seek the optimal balance between accurate readiness assessments and precious time for core mission training.

ICC Organizational mailbox is:  SMB_MFR_G7_ICC_INSP@USMC.MIL