CMFR EO Statement


All members of this command:  Marines, Sailors, and civilian employees, are entitled to an environment that is free of any bars that would prohibit their full growth to as high a responsibility as they can reach. As the Commander of Marine Forces Reserve/Marine Forces South, I, along with the Force Sergeant Major and Command Master Chief, am dedicated to Equal Opportunity and expect and demand all members of this command to promote and protect the rights of all individuals regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation. The cultural diversity of the personnel within this command helps to promote, maintain, and strengthen our readiness by fostering an environment that promotes professional growth, dignity, and mutual respect for each other.

Behaviors, such as bullying, dissident and protest activity, harassment, hazing, prohibited discrimination, sexual harassment, and wrongful distribution or broadcasting of an intimate image are a distraction from unit cohesion, are counterproductive, and will not be tolerated. These behaviors, collectively referred to as Prohibited Activities and Conduct (PAC), minimize and undermine a unit’s morale, which focuses on four basic tenets – leadership, professionalism, discipline, and respect. Personnel engaging in or failing to report or prevent PAC will be held accountable and subject to appropriate corrective action.

Equal Opportunity is the responsibility of all personnel. Sound leadership ensures equal opportunity. I charge each of you, as leaders, regardless of rank, to take immediate and appropriate action when any form of PAC is brought to your attention. Utilizing the NAVMC 11512, Commanders will make the appropriate determination and address these behaviors using Command-Directed Conflict Management or Command-Directed Complaint Resolution. Reprisal or acts of intimidation related to a complaint will not be tolerated and are also subject to disciplinary or administrative action. 

When working together to achieve mission accomplishment through teamwork, professionalism, and Esprit de Corps; Marine Forces Reserve/Marine Forces South successfully remains a Force in readiness. For additional assistance or information, contact your unit’s Equal Opportunity Representative or the Equal Opportunity Advisors.