Frequently Asked Questions about joining 4th MAW.


How do I join the reserves?
If you are joining from active duty the quickest way is through DAP (see below for details). If you are joining from the IRR you will need to contact your local Prior Service Recruiter.If you are already a Reservist, you can join a 4th MAW unit via an Inter-Unit Transfer.

How do I find out about reserve opportunities?
Click on the Reserve Opportunities link on the 4th MAW Join webpage or visit the Marine Forces Reserve website.  Identify a unit/location you are interested in, contact that unit and determine if you are able to join.  Be sure and communicate the Billet Identification Code (BIC) you are interested in filling which is tied to a specific MOS and associated rank.  You may desire to LATMOVE into a new MOS to fill that position.  Ranks are typically filled 1 up/1 down of the specified rank for both officer and enlisted.  For example a 0111 Admin Clerk/LCpl BIC may be filled by a PFC or Cpl.

Are there career monitors in the reserves?
No, you have to be your own monitor.  But MCO 1001R.1L w/CH-1 Marine Corps Reserve Administrative Management Manual (MCRAMM) is a guide to help you understand some of the Reserve nuances.

How do I get paid in the reserves?
You will get paid based on drills completed. One drill period is four hours.  For every drill period attended you get paid for one day of work.  One day of work is your monthly base pay divided by 30.  So, for a typical drill weekend, you will drill a total of four drills, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. This will equals four days of pay.

Is TRICARE available as a reservist?
Yes, you are eligible for TRICARE Reserve Select.  It costs approximately $220 per month for a family. Visit TRICARE for more details.

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