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Reserve Billets
SMCR and IMA billet listings for Marine Forces Reserve




Marines interested in filling one of these billets should contact the following, based on circumstance:


1.  Not currently assigned to a reserve unit:  contact  1-800-MARINES to locate the servicing Prior Service Recruiter.

2.  Already assigned to a Marine reserve unit:  contact your unit Career Planner or S-1 to coordinate an inter-unit transfer.

3.  Currently serving on active duty: Contact a Reserve Transition Coordinator at or 1-877-415-9275, option 3.

Global Billets (Active Duty Opportunities) Review the list of open Reserve billets. Find opportunities listed by location, rank, unit, MOS, and duration. 

Reserve Re-Enlistment Prerequisites Review this list to get as much information possible to assist you with remaining with the Corps.

Prior Service Enlistment Program The Prior Service Enlistment Program is used to supplement active duty reenlistment efforts by allowing Marine veterans and Marine reservists to augment/reenlist in the Active Duty Marine Corps. This program is governed by MCO 1130.80A.  Visit this link to find out what programs may be available.

Active Duty to Reserve Transition Opportunities  Marines who complete their active duty commitment can continue to make the most of what the Corps has given them.  There are Reserve opportunities that can keep you close to the brotherhood found only in the Marine Corps.  Serving in Marine Forces Reserve is the best way to remain affiliated with the Marine Corps and take advantage of outstanding leadership opportunities, unmatched camaraderie and a rewarding part-time job.  Find out more from the link above or visit the online community at:

Enlisted Assignments Website RAM-2 is comprised of Enlisted Assignments Monitors. Our mission is to effectively manage and assign AR personnel to validated billet requirements in a timely manner. This optimizes utilization of each Marine's skill, and provides the maximum benefit to both the Marine Corps and the individual Marine.

IRR Website IRR Marines have some administrative obligations and one training requirement (which is to attend an IRR Administrative Muster for administrative screening, if ordered).  There are also opportunities to continue serving while in the IRR. Lastly, there are various benefits, as members of the military during a time of war, that IRR Marines have available to them, most of which are through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Marine Corps Individual Reserve Support Activity (MCIRSA) The Marine Corps Individual Reserve Support Activity (MCIRSA) is a special staff section of the Force Headquarters Group, Marine Forces Reserve, that has staff cognizance for the management and administration of IRR Marines.  It is the successor entity to the Marine Corps Mobilization Command (MOBCOM) which was based in Kansas City, MO, but deactivated on 17 June 2011.  MCIRSA is assisted in the management and administration of IRR Marines by members of the Readiness Support Program (RSP).  RSP members are IMA Marines co-located with 62 of the 183 MARFORRES SMCR unit site locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.   

Contact MCIRSA:
Career Planner IRR:  (504) 697-8491 
Career Planner IMA:  (504) 697-8492 
CSC(Customer Service Center): 800-255-5082

Performance Evaluation Section (MMSB-30) Check for a fitness report date gap The MMSB-30 mission is to support Marines in ensuring their performance evaluation records are up to date and prepared for promotion boards. Customer service and a resolution to all problems/issues is our focus.  We have attempted to supply the fleet, via this website, with all tools required to answer questions.  

Reserve Continuation and Transition Branch The Reserve Continuation and Transition Branch (RCT) reviews Reserve re-enlistments, extensions, lateral moves, and officer appointments on behalf of CMC; provides Reserve-specific expertise to other branches of HQMC; provides career guidance to individual Marines.

Retirement Choice: Choose Your Retirement Plan (pdf) How should Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and Soldiers decide which retirement plan option to take? This study provides useful information for evaluating retirement choices.