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U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve


U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve

Augment. Support. Reinforce.

2000 Opelousas Ave., New Orleans, LA. 70114
Mission Statement

Provide Training, Education, and Assistance to all matters pertaining to Personnel Administration, Policy Implementation, and Basic Administrative Processing.

In Executing this Mission

  • Develop and implement training initiatives (Mobilization Symposiums, G-1 Admin Training Symposiums, ect.)
  • Establish effective communication to facilitate the publishing of detailed implementation guidance surrounding new policies and procedures.
  • Ensure Force Readiness, Assistance and Assessment Program (FRAAP) administrative checklists are current, realistic and effective so as to ensure Unit Commanders can adequately determine their unit's state of administrative readiness.
  • Ensure the Career Retirement Credit Reports of Reserve Component Members are corrected both in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Provide timely, accurate, reference based answers to questions and requests for determinations submitted for review.

Reading is Fundamental (RIF)

*Please read the references before asking questions that can be answered by research.
*Seek help from your Major Subordinate Command (MSC) before asking the AAU.

Phone Listing
Operations Officer (504) 697-7182
Assistant Operations Officer (504) 697-7181
AAU OIC (504) 697-7269
AAU SNCOIC (504) 697-7271
AAU Analysts (504) 697-7272/7273/7268
Force Headquarters Group (FHG) (504) 697-8441   
Marine Logistics Group (MLG) (504) 697-7138  
4th Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) (504) 697-7773  
4th Marine Division (504) 697-7075  
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