Customer Service Inbound

The Customer Service Inbound (CSI) section delivers the best "One-Stop" customer service to users worldwide by using the most efficient means of communication and self-service platforms. The mission of the CSI is to be the first line of support between the IPAC and the customer.

The CSI serves as the single centralized section for IRR, IMA, Operation Sponsors, former Marines and MARFORRES MSCs PARs. The administrative responsibilities of the CSI are inherent at the IPAC level of Command.

G-1 CSI 800.255.5082                                  OF 1164   
G-1 CSI OIC 504.697.8987   Marine Online
G-1 CSI SNCOIC      504.697.8939   Conditional Release 
G-1 Adjutant 504.697.7791   Marine Net 
G-1 Manpower 504.697.7190   NAVMC 799 
G-1 Navy Manpower 504.697.7186   EPAR Instructions 
G-1 Recruiting 504.697.7193   IPAC SOP 
G-1 Career Planner 504.697.7795   Customer Service / Inbound Survey
IRR Career Planner 504.697.8492  
G-1 Ops 504.697.7182    
G-1 AAU 504.697.7272     
G-1 Civilian Personnel  504.697.7283