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Per DoDI 1215.07, par. 6.1.4 Exceptions to Calculating Anniversary Years: In the case of officers with Reserve service as a cadet or midshipman at a Service Academy or in a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program, the date for the start of a member’s initial anniversary year will be established by the date the member entered into active service or active status minus any service as a cadet or midshipman. In the case of enlisted members of the Armed Forces (who served as a cadet of midshipman but who did not later receive or who do not hold a commission as an officer), service as a cadet or midshipman at a service academy shall be included and counted as active duty.

Retirement Points For PME

How do retirement points work for a PME course that includes ADOS and correspondence course training?

The purpose of  MCRAMM 9305.3.a is to ensure Marines are not awarded both AD/IAD and PME (IAD) points for studies completed while on AD or IAD.  Per table 9-1 of the MCRAMM, correspondence studies of approved courses, unless otherwise indicated in the course description or other competent authority, will be awarded one IAD point per three hours of work.

If a member completes a HQMC-approved course, such as the Canadian Forces College which provides a validated course breakdown, he/she should be credited IAD points appropriately.

During the time SNM is completing an online portion of a course, that includes AD periods of study, there is a maximum number of AD points he/she can be credited had he/she been on AD for the entire period of the term.  As such, the number of PME points should be reduced proportionately.

Example:  Term 2, between 2 active duty periods, is from 6 Oct to 25 Jan (111 days).  If SNM had been on AD for this period, he would have been awarded 111 retirement points.  The course is worth 90 hours (30 points).  SMN has 60 AD points and 25 IAD points (85 total) during this period from other training conducted outside of the PME (ADOS, ATPs, etc.).  111 - 85 = 26 points he can be credited for the PME for this term even though SMN completed enough credit hours to be normally worth 30 points.

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