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Reserve Marines and the PLEAD

Marine Administrative Message 188/16 lists two policy changes for validation requirements when determining the primary residence for Reserve Component Marines. The policy took effect April 1, 2016.
One change mandates that all Marine Reserve Orders Writing System orders will require validation of the Marine’s primary residence prior to their issuance.
The second change ties authorizations to travel and transportation allowances to a Reserve Marine’s primary residence, not the place they entered active duty. If the Marine begins travel from a PLEAD other than their primary residence, per diem will be payable if the primary residence is outside the commuting area of the duty location even if the PLEAD is not. When travel begins from a PLEAD rather than a duty residence, transportation allowances will be authorized to not exceed the cost for travel between duty location and primary residence.
This will allow Marines to have breaks between active duty orders, including Inactive Duty Training without being required to return home at the end of the first active duty period.

For more information refer to MARDMIN 188/16.

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