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IRAM Change

Latest Admin Updates

IRAM change for SSN usage on the OQR/SRB

Per the IRAM, para 2001.3 - Usage of the SSN for the cover of the OQR/SRB
and standard pages will be in the format of "000 00 1234", however, computer
generated pages may contain the SSN in the space provided in a different
format of "123 45 6789".  Either format is acceptable for use in the field
service record generated at MCRD.

6105 Entries

Latest Admin Updates

Clarification to the IRAM and MCPFTBCP in Regards to 6105 Entries

There are some inconsistencies in the Individual Records Administration Manual (IRAM) and the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test and Body Composition Program Manual (MCPFTBCP). The IRAM states "Do not make separate entries for assignment to or removal from the weight control/military appearance program.  The administrative separation counseling entry required by MCO P1900.16 upon assignment to weight control, the completion of enclosure (4) to MCO 6100.10, the assignment and removal entries reported in MCTFS, and entries made in the Marine's health record are considered sufficient to satisfy the recording and documentation requirements.  There is no requirement other than the MCTFS entry, to record a Marine's removal from weight control/military appearance program."  While the MCPFTBCP states "The CO will counsel the Marine on the deficiencies, corrective actions required, and information regarding the BCP and RPCP, and will have a 6105 counseling entry recorded on the Marine's SRB/OQR's Page 11."

Per clarification from Manpower Systems Division (MI), when a Marine is assigned to or removed from weight control, a 6105 counseling entry will go in the Marine's SRB/OQR. There will be a PAA released in the near future clarifying this.

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