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Deployment Processing Command - Reserve Support Unit East
Force Headquarters Group


Our Predeployment Training Program (PTP) cycle is designed to train a Marine who arrives with zero training complete, for any AO.  Reserve Marine’s MCTIMs will be screened for remaining Service and COCOM PTP requirements per the TECOM PTP Toolkit and Annual Training requirements. Marines will not be required to complete any training already completed. For IAs, previously completed training not currently reflected in MCTIMs will require a NAVMC for exemption.  All Annual Marine-Net based training will be completed on your own time. Upon training completion, Reserve IAs will have all completed training run in MCTIMS.  For Active Duty IAs and Reserve units/detachments, you will receive documentation of all training you have completed so that your parent unit can run the training you have completed with us.


Reserve IAs will receive orders to report to DPC/RSU and will be administratively attached, medically certified, issued gear, and complete all Block 1 theater entry and MCBUL 1500 annual training requirements.  Active Duty IAs wishing to conduct PTP should request via Feasibility of Support (FOS) message from the parent command.


When Camp Lejeune is designated as the Intermediate Location (ILOC), activated reserve units will be supported as tasked by MARFORRES, or requested by the unit. Typically this includes an administrative screening, medical screening and certification while at DPC/RSU-East, in addition to a gear inventory. Marines who are part of deploying units/detachments will remain administratively attached to their respective HTC during ILOC. Block 1 theater entry requirements and MCBUL 1500 annual training requirements not completed with the respective parent commands should be requested via the unit’s ILOC FOS.


Reserve Individual Augments:  We will be conducting an audit of your records upon your arrival at DPC/RSU-East.  Any changes regarding marital status, dependent additions/losses will require appropriate source documentation in order to be updated. (marriage certificate/divorce decree, birth certificate, etc).  We have full reporting capabilities on Reserve IA’s.  All reporting personnel should bring an active GTCC. 

Active Duty/Active Reserve Individual Augments: You remain administratively attached to your parent command.

Units/Detachments:   The following will be required upon check-in: orders, completed/signed FAST checklists, reporting/detaching endorsements from the HTC, an ID card, and a GTCC.  We will be screening your join to active duty and pay entitlements upon arrival.  This screening continues daily until all Marines’ pay and entitlements are running properly.  This command does not have ADCON over any Unit/Detachment which means any discrepancies identified must be corrected by parent commands.  We will generate a group reporting/detaching endorsement upon completion of the training cycle.



Wills and Powers of Attorney (POA) are not pre-deployment requirements, however, base legal offers both services at Bldg. 66 on Holcomb Blvd. POA support is offered in mass on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 0945 and Tuesdays at 1245 at the Base Theater. Will appointments are a 2-3 week turnaround and should be made immediately upon check in, or completed prior to arrival.


DPC/RSU-East will conduct a security clearance scrub of all Reserve Marines/Sailors.  If you require SIPR access, it is highly recommended that you arrive with a SIPR token/activated account.  DPC/RSU-East has SIPR access/SVTC capability for those who need it and/or already have SIPR tokens, as well as access to update your ISOPREP.  ISOPREP updates should be completed prior to arrival via your unit manager on PRMS (SIPR).  For many Marines, ISOPREPs can be completed using a CAC enabled computer on the NIPR PRMS site at


Minimum required gear to train: Kevlar, Flak, Front/Back SAPI plates, (3) Magazine Pouches, Dump Pouch, Issued eye protection, Gas mask/canisters.

Reserve Individual Augments:  Gear draw will be coordinated for you with II MEF Individual Issue Facility (IIF) in accordance with your respective COCOM gear list, by appointment, prior to the start of training.  Coordinate with DPC/RSU-East Supply prior to arrival so the correct sizes can be ordered on your behalf.

Reserve Units/Detachments/Active Duty/Active Reserve:   You must check in with a full gear set or the minimum gear to train. Reserve detachments with gear shortfalls must submit an ICCE/STAP request through their MSC to MFR G-4 or CBRN request through their MSC to MFR G-3 in order to fulfill discrepancies. II MEF IIF will not authorize gear issue to Reserve detachments without approval from MFR G-3/G-4 via coordination from MARFORRES. For Reserve Units conducting ILOC, serviceability and sizes will be checked for all items on the required gear list. An appointment with II MEF can be arranged with the DPC/RSU-East Supply Officer prior to arrival.


Billeting: Billeting is available in the DPC/RSU-East open squad bays for all IAs/detachments.  Ensure you bring a lock for your personal items within your assigned wall locker. 

Chow: For ILOC / activated personnel, you will be on GMR per diem via your orders, and will be responsible for your own meals, whether eating at the chow hall or providing your own chow as indicated on the training schedule to “bring chow.” A chow hall is within walking distance of DPC/RSU-East.  For those personnel in a pre-mobilization status, you do not receive per diem and instead will eat at the chow hall (N/A for Officers).  On days where the training schedule does not allow, DPC/RSU-East staff may coordinate for box chows. Contact S-4 Chief for coordination. There is currently no dedicated galley within the billeting or work spaces, however, there is a refrigerator available for storage of food in the billeting spaces. Microwaves are located throughout. Please keep your areas properly maintained and clean.  Field day is conducted on Thursday evenings.  Transportation requirements must be coordinated prior to your arrival.  When transportation is provided for training events, it is required for participants.

Weapons: Unless previously coordinated to bring your own issued weapon, a temporary issued weapon will be provided to you for all live fire events at DPC/RSU-East. Each Marine will be responsible for their own DPC/RSU-East temporary issued weapon’s maintenance following all training events. Weapons maintenance will be conducted in utilities and as indicated by the times on the training schedule.


You should bring skeleton medical/dental records with you for processing.  We will medically screen and certify medical readiness for deployment.  Our Medical Department will also screen AHLTA/CHCS (DoD Electronic Health Record), VA Electronic Health Records, and Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS) per medical requirements. 

General advice to assist with medical processing:  if you have seen a medical or mental health provider or been given a prescription in the past 90 days please inform our medical staff right away, and plan ahead and bring any pertinent civilian provider documentation.  If arriving from an HTC, bring a completed Expeditionary Medical and Dental Screening Form 1300/4 and DD Form 2807-1 with copies of completed audiogram, dental exam and x-rays, and DD Form 2766 Adult Prevention and Chronic Care Flowsheet.



All Active Duty/Active Reserve IAs and Reserve Units/Detachments requesting support from DPC/RSU-East should originate and route a Feasibility of Support (FOS) message requesting deployment support. Detachments should submit the official FOS request via the Automated Message Handling System (AMHS) to their higher-headquarters, including an informational copy to DPC/RSU-East (Plain Language Address (PLA): DPC RSU EAST).

It is recommended that the requesting detachment provide DPC/RSU-East a draft FOS in advance for review.




Ensure you have a copy of your orders/state or federal identification (DoD ID card).  Your orders, or someone in the det’s orders, should include a rental vehicle.  Transportation will not be provided to/from the airport by DPC/RSU-East.  It is recommended that you call ahead to the rental company to ensure you have a car reserved.  You can arrange billeting during working hours with the DPC/RSU-East S-4 Chief or upon arrival by contacting the DPC/RSU-East Duty.

Contact Information

Bldg 313 H. Street
Camp Lejeune, NC. 28547

Duty Phone/Check In:
(910) 451-3886 (office)
(910) 526-7946 (duty cell)

After Hours:
(910) 526-7946

S-1 Administration:
(910) 450-9138

S-3 Mobilizations Chief:
(910) 451-2740

S-4 Chief/Billeting: 
(910) 450-6952

Supply Chief:
(910) 451-8596

Alpha Company Operations Chief / PTP Questions:
(910) 451-3112

Medical Chief:
(910) 450-9148

Medical Leading Petty Officer:
(910) 450-9140