Deployment Processing Command - Reserve Support Unit East
Force Headquarters Group


All Reserve Marine units requesting support from DPC/RSU-East should originate and route a FOS message NLT than 100 days out from the training start date. Units should submit the official FOS request via the Automated Message Handling System (AMHS) to their higher-headquarters (HHQ), including an informational copy to DPC/RSU-East (Plain Language Address (PLA): DPC RSU EAST).

All non-Marine units requesting support from DPC/RSU-East should originate and route a Training Request Letter to their Commander, then scan and email the TRL to the DPC/RSU-East S-3. DPC/RSU-East may also accept TRLs from Marines who wish to attend DPC/RSU-East supported training as an individual, however, TRLs are normally reserved for Active Duty and non-Marine units.

It is recommended that the requesting unit provide DPC/RSU-East a draft FOS for review.

FOS & TRL templates


DPC/RSU-East provides the following training and logistical coordination to non-mobilized Reserve units/detachments and individuals to facilitate training while aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune (MCB CAMLEJ):

RFMSS Scheduling
RSO/OIC Course
Reserve Weekend Rifle Range
Base Motor Transport

USMCR and Reserve/National Guard units who desire to conduct inactive duty training (IDT) or Annual Training (AT) aboard MCB CAMLEJ should direct all requests for support through DPC/RSU-East via a Feasibility of Support (FOS) message. Reserve Weekend Rifle Ranges will be coordinated with WTBN Stone Bay via DPC/RSU-East. Please use the link below for coordination instruction and dates.

Reserve Rifle Range Message and Dates

Reserve units who plan to conduct training with their active duty counterparts in a support role, but also require DPC/RSU-East support, should submit a FOS to DPC/RSU-East via the appropriate chain of command detailing the requested support.

Non-mobilized Reserve units or individuals enrolled in formal schools via the Marine Corps Training Information Management System (MCTIMS) may, or may not, require additional support from DPC/RSU-East. Additional support required from DPC/RSU-East must be requested via FOS.

Contact Information

Bldg 313 H. Street
Camp Lejeune, NC 28547

Duty Phone:
(910) 451-1023

Check In:
(910) 450-9142

After Hours:
(910) 526-7946

DPC/RSU-East Non-Mobilized Support Chief:
(910) 451-0549.