Deployment Processing Command - Reserve Support Unit East
Force Headquarters Group


DPC/RSU-East supports coordination for Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS), redeployment briefs (Yellow Ribbon), and medical demobilization.


Individual Augments (IA) Reserve members that deploy through DPC/RSU-East will return to demobilize at the end of their deployment. Upon arrival at DPC/RSU-East all IA’s must meet the same demobilization requirements as any reservist returning from a deployment before reaching their End of Active Service (EAS). It is encouraged that all returning IA’s contact the DPC/RSU-East Redeployment section prior to arrival to assist with coordination.


Activated reserve units/detachments where Camp Lejeune is the RILOC may require support from DPC/RSU-East. Because II MEF is typically the parent command, and responsible for support during RILOC, coordination must be made via II MEF first. If any support is required from DPC/RSU-East, the unit should originate and route a Feasibility of Support (FOS) message NLT than 90 days from the estimated date of your R-ILOC. Detachments should submit the official FOS request via the Automated Message Handling System (AMHS) to their OCONUS higher-headquarters, including an informational copy to DPC/RSU-East (Plain Language Address (PLA): DPC RSU EAST).

It is recommended that the requesting detachment provide DPC/RSU-East a draft FOS in advance for review.


Reservists activated for more than 180 days will be required to attend or complete TRS virtually utilizing Joint Knowledge Online and MilConnect.  Individuals may be exempt based off prior TRS attendance, jobs, etc. All individuals are eligible to attend TRS. Prior planning with the DPC/RSU-East Unit Transition Coordinator (UTC) is crucial. Information and documents regarding TRS can be found below or requested from the UTC.


Additional information regarding TRS can also be found at


DPC/RSU-East will assist and coordinate with internal and external entities to ensure Yellow Ribbon/Warrior Transition briefs are conducted for all returning Reserve Individual Augments. If not provided by II MEF, these briefs can also be coordinated for redeploying reserve units/dets.  Typical briefings include COSC, TRICARE, and a briefer from the local VA and an ESGR representative.

Additional information/resources on required redeployment classes can be found at the following links:


DPC/RSU-East Medical branch will assist in screening/evaluation of Reserve members returning from deployment.  Members will be screened for dental/audio currency, receive PPD and a final physical. Prior coordination with DPC/RSU-East medical will expedite the process by directing members to OCONUS medical services, and explain the required demobilization paperwork which can be started prior to arrival.

Contact Information

Bldg 313 H. Street
Camp Lejeune, NC 28547

Duty Phone/Check In:
(910) 451-3886 (office)
(910) 526-7946 (duty cell)

After Hours:
(910) 526-7946

S-1 Administration:
(910) 450-9138

S-3 Redeployment Chief:
(910) 451-2740

S-4 Chief/Billeting: 
(910) 450-6952

Supply Chief:
(910) 451-8596

Medical Chief:
(910) 450-9148

Medical Leading Petty Officer:
(910) 450-9140