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U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve

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The Orders Processing Section provides personnel administrative support and services to all of the major subordinate commands.  The Orders Processing Section is committed to providing order writing for Reserve and Active Duty components, to include authentication, payments, and approval/disapproval in support of the Global War on Terrorism.  Our staff is proud to provide excellent customer service to the Marines in the field training units, and fast accurate travel claim submissions to the Finance Office.  The Orders Processing Section provides the highest level of customer service as we strive to educate, solve, make payment, and settle all orders and completed travel vouchers.

          Orders Processing Directory


                                                       SSgt Robinson                                               
OPS OIC - (504) 697-8955                          SNCOIC - (504) 697-7947                                     (504) 697-7940

                        Missed Meals 1164


 Working Hours Assistance (CST)

 Ravenal Travel - (504) 697-9795

 MFR DMO - (504) 697-8882/3/4/5/6/7/8

 CMC/RA Waivers - (703) 432-9779

 MFR G3 Funding - (504) 697-7323

 After Hours Assistance

 Revenal Travel - 1 (800) 369-7955

 MFR DMO - (504) 206-6025

 CMC/RA Waivers - (703) 789-4969

 MFR G3 Funding - (Contact your MSC Duty)

 OPS SNCOIC - (504) 913-1009 (Authentication Only)

 Ops OIC - (504) 913-9322 (Authentication Only)

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