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U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve


U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve

Augment. Support. Reinforce.

2000 Opelousas Ave., New Orleans, LA. 70114




To provide effective and efficient personnel administrative services to all Commanders, their Marines and family members.  This includes the obligation of ensuring military personnel are administratively prepared for worldwide deployment with the operating forces.  Our goal is to maintain accurate information within the Marine Corps total Force System and provide quality and timely services in a professional and courteous manner.


Our vision is to create a work atmosphere that supports our mission and the Marines and Civilian Marines that perform these duties. We will be the premier administrative organization that will provide superior personnel services for Commanders, their Marines and family members stationed aboard this installation. This IPAC will remain dedicated in maintaining exceptional administrative readiness by using automated systems to administratively prepare resources for combat operations worldwide.


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G-1 Customer Service  800.255.5082 
G-1 Customer Service OIC 504.697.8992
G-1 Customer Service SNCOIC      504.697.8996
G-1 Adjutant 504.697.7791
G-1 Manpower 504.697.7190
G-1 Navy Manpower 504.697.7186
G-1 Recruiting 504.697.7193
G-1 Career Planner 504.697.7795
IRR Career Planner 504.697.8492
G-1 Ops 504.697.7182
G-1 AAU 504.697.7272 
G-1 Civilian Personnel  504.697.7283 




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