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4th MAW Award

Photo by COMCAM

4th MAW recognized with Navy’s, Aviation Org’s highest safety readiness awards

30 Apr 2020 | MFR CommStrat U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve

The U.S. Naval Safety Center awarded 4th Marine Aircraft Wing (4th MAW) the Naval Aviation Readiness Through Safety Award, which is presented annually to the controlling custodian contributing most toward readiness and economy of operations through safety.  The command also won Order of the Daedalians’ Adm. James S. Russell Aviation Flight Safety Award, which is given as a companion award. This represents the fifteenth win for 4th MAW since the award’s inception in 1978.

 Award criteria include an outstanding safety record, an aggressive safety program, and an improving 3-year safety trend. Pilots with 4th MAW flew more than 20,000 hours with no Class A flight-related or aviation-ground mishaps, which placed it at the top of other competitive commands.

“Aviation safety and risk mitigation continues to be the cornerstone of the Reserve Force’s ability to go, fight, and win at any time in any clime,” said Lt. Gen. David G. Bellon, commander, Marine Forces Reserve. “4th MAW continues to set the standard across the Marine Corps and the Department of the Navy in aviation readiness through safety.”

While there will be no ceremony for the Naval Aviation Readiness Through Safety Award, the Adm. James S. Russell Aviation Flight Safety Award will be presented in person by the Daedalians to command leadership at a date to be determined.